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A Green Hotel in the City

Water consumption per person in developed countries can reach 300 liters per day to the 25 that are consumed in areas
underdeveloped, and 80 liters recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), to the necessities of life and personal hygiene.
However, the global average consumption of gallons of water per person is 1,800 liters per day if you include activities that use
water for agriculture and livestock by 75 percent, and industry by 8 percent.

Studies show that humans can reach a huge amount of waste water without consuming it.
One of the most glaring case is that of the loss, allowing a tap leaks 10 drops per minute in a waste of 2,000 liters
of water per year.

Daily use of the shower instead of bathing, also contributes greatly to build water saving, they can save up to 7300
liters of water per person per year. Furthermore, if the shower water-saving features, the number of gallons saved rises to 14,600.
Another case in which data can be offered is in the chapter of the tanks, since the installation of savings can be achieved
not dropping 7600 liters of water per person.

Currently, 26 countries face water shortages, but the forecast is that by 2025 41 countries are presenting a chronic shortage of water,
affecting 2,800 million people, 35 percent of the 8,000 who then inhabit the planet. 




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